Hiring Seasonal Employees: Pros and Cons

If you think there are no cons to hiring seasonal employees, you're wrong. Keep on reading to find out why.

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There is no doubt seasonal employees are always a valuable addition to any business. In most occasions, these seasonal employees are intended to fill the short-term voids in your staff.

One of the primary objectives of employing seasonal workers is to ensure that the levels of customer service remain high during the peak season. However, there exist both pros and cons to hiring them.

A seasonal retail employee’s job is not complicated and could involve tasks such as hanging heavier items on the metal clipstrip from the shelf units.

So, is hiring these employees a short-term fix for long-term benefits, or do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? Find out below.


Increases the Flexibility of your Business

Depending on the nature of your business, you might have peak sales at specific times during the year, or a client may request you to complete a huge, unique project. In such circumstances, hiring seasonal workers can aid your business to adjust to a fluctuating workload. The extra workers will help you get much done during peak hours.

You May Discover a Future Talent for your Business

Are you seeking to add workers to your staff, but want to ensure that they are a good fit before employing? Well, consider hiring on a temporary basis first. It's only through this process that you’ll evaluate and discover a future prospect, with the qualities you are looking for.

It Might Save you Some Valuable Money

Even though you must offer some fringe benefits to your seasonal employees, you don't have to provide retirement plans, health insurance, sick and vacation payments. Not having to pay such benefits saves a lot of money.

Additionally, many workers in this category understand that their employment is a finite period and don’t expect a salary increase or promises for future salary increments.

You Have Access to Specialized Skills at Low Cost

If you're doing a special project for your business, you may need temporary workers with a particular skill to help you. By hiring seasonal workers, you access individuals with unique skills, but for only a brief period and at low cost.


Lack of Commitment

A common problem with seasonal workers is that they aren't always committed to the business objectives compared to the permanent employees. Also, they might not be treated with much respect by the others, who may even perceive them as a potential long-term threat.

Safety Issues

Certain types of jobs are dangerous and may need safety training. Studies have revealed that the severity rates and the frequency of on-the-job injuries are higher among the temporary workers.

Never assume a seasonal employee is fully prepared to carry his tasks unsupervised until you have witnessed them safely perform the tasks. I believe you don't want to be held responsible for a lost life in your business place.

You Could Run into Legal Problems

It could be easy to incorrectly clarify temporary employees as contractors, when in a real sense, they are actual employees. If you recruit the workers on your own, ensure that you know the difference between independent contractors and employees.

If you hire employees from a staffing agency, it should take care of worker clarification altogether.

The Bottom Line

Hiring seasonal workers is a viable option for most companies. But, before making any hiring policies or decisions, it's always wise to explore the pros and cons of doing so. This article has provided you with valuable information.