How to Hire a Seasonal Employee for Your Retail Store

If you are a large retail store owner, it's always beneficial to hire a seasonal worker, especially during holiday periods. Smaller retailers can also benefit hugely from this scenario.

However, for any retail store owner, the prospect of recruiting, training and managing seasonal workers can sometimes be a stressful and a daunting task, majorly because of the rigid time frame, and other related retail holiday season stresses.

This article provides useful tips for retail shop owners on recruiting, onboarding and managing seasonal workers.

1. Make Your Training Scalable

If you have lots of seasonal workers coming on board, it's critical that you make your training easily scalable so that every employee can start on the same note. You can do this by involving extensive sessions of training, or web-based training.

It is uneconomical to conduct small-group training, for a wave of seasonal staff recruitment, simultaneously. However, you should note that it is imperative to offer the same level of training that the full-time employees received. Why? Having poorly trained seasonal staff could have an adverse impression on your loyal customers.

2. Don’t Complicate Your Hiring Process

Seasonal workers are not seeking for the CEO position in your company! They are just seeking for some little extra cash.

So, it would be unwise making potential seasonal employees go through a several-hour application process, with many rounds of interviews. Apart from making the procedure quite tedious for both of you, you could also be losing some of the quality individuals.

Make both the application and interview processes very short and straightforward. A thirty-minute or so application process plus a single round of interview is just enough.

3. Don't Make False Promises

In some instances, many of seasonal workers might be anticipating to sign on with your firm full-time after the end of the program. Even though you might want to indicate the temporary opportunity to become permanent at some stage, it's crucial not to make any commitments.

4. Never Forget that Everyone Is a Potential Client

Ranging from recruiting to onboarding all through to the employment duration, the manner in which you treat your seasonal employees will affect their impression of your brand. This implies that you must make their personal experience enjoyable and as seamless as possible, bearing in mind that you are creating brand advocates for your company.

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5. Use Social Media

Letting individuals know you are offering temporary employment through the media channels is another great way of finding a potential seasonal worker who already loves your company. Pinterest and Instagram are among the powerful media platforms you can use.

The above tips are proven effective ways of hiring a seasonal retail worker. If you follow them, you’ll conduct your recruitment process faster; you’ll save money, and you’ll find the best seasonal retailer.